Agata Šega

Assistant Professor
Study Programme

Master in Intercultural Business Communication


French Language

Area of Habilitation

Romance Linguistics

Research Area

French Grammar, Romance-Slavic Language Contact, Historical Romance Linguistics, Medieval French, French and Latin-American Literature  

Short Bio

Prof. Šega was born in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 1965, and studied French, Spanish and Latin at the University of Ljubljana (SLO). During her studies, she taught French and Spanish at various elementary and secondary schools. Prof. Šega started to teach at the Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana) immediately after receiving her BA in 1991, and obtained her PhD in 2007 upon submitting a thesis on medieval romance borrowings in the Slovene language.

Currently, she works as an Assistant Professor of Romance Linguistics at the Department of Romance Languages and Literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She also conducts classes on the French language and phonetics at the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana. Prof. Šega´s scientific interests include Slavic-Romance linguistic contacts, French and Romance historical linguistics and medieval French. Her research on these topics has been published in several regional and international journals. She has also participated in various conferences and linguistic congresses with a focus on Romance languages, language contact and historical linguistics, both in Slovenia and abroad (for example Ljubljana 1999, Plovdiv 2003, Torino 2006, Innsbruck and Nicosia 2007, Valencia 2010, Barcelona 2011, Nancy 2013, Rome 2016, Murcia 2022).

Prof. Šega has been a member of the Société de linguistique romane (Romance Linguistics Society) since 2007 and has collaborated as an article editor in the international etymological project Dictionnaire étymologique roman (Romance Etymological Dictionary) since 2010. In 2009 and 2016, she received two scholarships from the French government to attend pedagogical trainings for teachers of French as second language (L2), organized by the international institution for the promotion of French language Centre international d’études pédagogiques (now called France Éducation international). Parallel to her main scientific and research interests, she also writes articles dealing with French and Latin-American literature and translates from Latin and various Romance languages, mostly from the French language, and more recently, from the Romanian language.