Poletna šola: Zdrav in aktiven življenjski slog

ponedeljek, 26 avgust 2019 - nedelja, 1 september 2019, Piran, Slovenia

Podiplomske študente študijskih programov kineziologije, fizioterapije, športne vzgoje, športnega treniranja, gerontologije in vse, ki vas zanima kako lahko dosežemo zdrav in aktiven življenjski slog, vabimo na mednarodno poletno šolo – »Zdrav in aktiven življenjski slog« - »HALS – Healthy and Active Lifestyle«



»HALS – Healthy and Active Lifestyle«

Summer School

Duration: 7 days (preliminary date 26 August to 1 September 2019)

Registration until 10 May 2019

Credits: 2 ECTS


Post-graduate students (Master’s and Doctoral students) of kinesiology, physiotherapy, PE teachers, personal trainers and their border fields.


1) STUDY: A week of intense academic courses, lectures and workshops covering key topics in kinesiology (physiology, healthy lifestyle, performance and rehabilitation…). The course is designed to give students a high-quality overview of innovative approaches to kinesiology to make them competent for facing the problems of contemporary lifestyles.

2) EXPERIENCE, PRACTICE & LEARNING: Custom-organized specialized study with active workshops both in the lab and with outdoor activities which enables immediate application of new knowledge into practice, being entertained at the same time.

3) RESOURCES: Profiled volume of reading material and facilities / research equipment will be available as well as the access to library. Fully equipped mobile kinesiology laboratory will be available for the duration of the summer school.

4) GUIDANCE: Upon individual arrangement, a diverse group of internationally-known scholars in kinesiology (physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, motor control and learning) can provide you with guidance and advice for your future research work.

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us on e-mail: education@emuni.si  and  sasa.pisot@zrs-kp.si