As of January 2012, EMUNI University has embarked on a new ENPI project EUROMED Migration III in partnership with International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD, who will be responsible for the management of the project), the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITC-ILO), the International and Ibero-American Foundation of Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) and the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII). The consortium was chosen by the EC for its quality, knowledge and variety of areas that will be covered, and also for the ability to reach numerous people in the beneficiary countries as well as elsewhere. 

Project ObjectivesShow

The overall objective of EUROMED Migration III is to foster cooperation on migratory issues between the ENPI South Partner Countries and EU countries and among ENPI South Partner Countries themselves, as well as to assist partner countries in their efforts to govern international migrations.

The specific objectives of the programme are mainly:

  • The promotion of legal migration channels and promotion of workers' mobility;
  • The promotion of the synergies between migration and development in ENPI South partners countries; and
  • The support for the prevention of irregular migration, for strengthening border management capacity and for improving vulnerable groups reception and assistance systems.

Project ActivitiesShow

The project is constituted of three different thematic components in accordance with the EU Policy on migration and along with the EU Global Approach to Migration - that is, legal migration, migration and development and irregular migration - and a horizontal component covering these three strands. The Horizontal component aims to create national "Migration Profiles" as well as provide tailored short-term technical assistance in migration management. Besides the activities specific to each component, transversal activities focus on regional partnership consolidation, inter-institutional co-operation, as well as the creation of communication and visibility tools.

Specific activities include:                                                          

  • Inception missions to ENPI South Countries and the identification of national focal points;
  • Three regional conferences (opening, intermediate and final);
  • A tailor made internet web site to provide a platform for exchange of best practises;
  • Implementation of 10 thematic regional meetings;
  • Design and implementation of thematic training sessions;
  • Short-term technical assistance at the demand of the partner countries;
  • Study on matching labour market needs;
  • Information material on the rights and obligations of legal immigration to Europe.

Project Partners and BeneficiariesShow

The project targets ENPI South Partner Countries national institutions particularly Ministries of Employment, Ministries of Interior and General Directorates for National Security, Planning authorities, Statistical Institutes, Ministries of Foreign Affairs as well as Finance/Central Banks.

Main Project Expected ResultsShow

A reinforced cooperation at the regional level, through the exchange of information and best practices between the EU and the ENPI South Partner Countries and among ENPI South Partner Countries on international migration issues. More specifically:

  • Tools are established to better design migration policies, through the production of specific national Migration Profiles;
  • Mechanisms are developed for a better management of legal migration;
  • Most appropriate approaches are identified for improved national legislations related to cross-border financial transfer and access to financial services, as well as maximised remittances use for development is facilitated;
  • Mechanisms for an effective management of irregular migration and the reinforcement of border management capacity are indentified taking into account international human right standards.

Consortium PartnershipShow

The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) is the consortium leader in charge of the implementation of the EU-funded EUROMED Migration III project. The consortium partners are: The Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO), the International and Ibero-American Foundation of Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) and the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII).

Partner CountriesShow

  • The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
  • The Arab Republic of Egypt
  • The State of Israel
  • The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • The Republic of Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Palestine
  • The Kingdom of Morocco
  • The Syrian Arab Republic
  • The Tunisian Republic

Duration of the Project

January 2012 - December 2014



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