IJEMS | Volume 7 | 2014 | Number 1

Metaphors in Political Discourse from a Cross-Cultural Perspective
Silva Bratož
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Is the Socio-Economic Justice Still the Aim or Already the Result of the Cooperation Between Business and Society in Developing Synergy? The Case of Lithuania
Dalia Karlaite and Alfonsas Laurinavičius
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Trans-Regional Logistics in Carinthia: Perspectives and Vision on the Transport Infrastructure Development on the Business and Public Level
Michael Plasch and Gerhard Winterer
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Ontology-Based User Profiling for Personalized Acces to Information within Collaborative Learning System
Mohammed Amine Alimam, Yasyn Elyusufi, and Hamid Seghiouer
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Space Dynamics and Improvement of the Total Factor Productivity
Lassaad Jebali
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