IJEMS | Volume 2 | 2009 | Number 1

Guest Editors: Rune Ellemose Gulev and Francesc Prior Sanz

Seeking Business and Economic Stability within Euro-Mediterranean Countries
Rune Gulev
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Egypt within the Framework of the Global Financial Crisis: Impact, Response and Way Forward
Assem Reda Abu Hatab
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The Role of Total Factor Productivity in the Mediterranean Countries
Vito Pipitone
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Access to Financial Services in the Countries of the Maghreb
Francesc Prior Sanz and Javier Santomá
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Fostering Trade and Export Promotion in Overcoming the Global Economic Crisis
Jelena Vapa-Tankosić
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Tourism Branding Strategy of the Mediterranean Region
Vesna Damnjanović, Milena Kravic, and Tarek Abdul Razek
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Communicating in the Mediterranean Area: A Matter of Intercultural Awareness
Elisabetta Pavan
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