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Mohammed Elrazzaz, The Mediterranean: A Shared Heritage

About the book

More than just a book about the Mediterranean, this is a work for the Mediterranean and its people. It celebrates the Mediterranean’s rich history, culture and heritage by presenting some of the region’s most captivating stories: historical anecdotes, unlikely encounters, icons of cultural dialogue and elements of tangible and intangible heritage; all made accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

A Mediterranean odyssey in time and space, the book takes us not only to cities, islands, monuments and archaeological sites, but also to places in the mind and to living traditions that hold the key to understanding the depth of our shared culture and the sophisti- cation of our human condition in this enchanted part of the world.

Technical description: Soft cover, “French flap” style | 214 pages | Colour photos

About the author

Mohammed Elrazzaz (Cairo, 1976) is an Egyptian scholar and pro- fessor of Mediterranean Heritage at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) in Barcelona and member of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly Foundation (ACM). He holds an MA in Arts and Cultural Management (2010) and he collaborates frequently with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the German Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, the Spanish Fundación el legado andalusí and the Slovenian Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI).

He works since 2013 for the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) in Barcelona. His passion for the Mediterranean culture and people took him to 20 Mediterranean countries; his travel, teaching and working experiences have in- spired him to write this book. His first book titled ‘al-Andalus: History of the Diaspora’ was published earlier this year in Arabic. 

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