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EMUNI University is offering internships to students and young graduates with interest and knowledge in the Euro-Mediterranean affairs. The interns will work in an international, multicultural environment and will be able to gain experience in the different areas of the academic field.

We are looking for motivated candidates from all Euro-Mediterranean countries who are flexible, well organized and proactive, and have an interest in the academia, international relations and the Euro-Mediterranean. They should be able to work independently and in a team, follow instructions, and are attentive to detail. The candidates should have good English language skills, knowledge of an additional language is an asset. They should be able to communicate clearly and concisely verbally and in writing. A good command of MS Office is required.

Main tasks
The selected candidates will support all departments of EMUNI University. Their duties will include administrative work, communicating via e-mail and phone, drafting, logistic support in the organization of events and meetings, preparation of materials including reports, project applications, briefings, articles, press releases, letters, etc.

To apply, please send us your CV and cover letter (a reference letter is a plus) at the following e-mail address:

Open call for staff mobility

This open call enables staff, employed or affiliated with Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI), to spend a training period at a higher education institution in a partner country.

The partner higher education institutions must agree in advance on the programme of activities set in the training agreement. When the person carrying out the assignment is from a higher education institution, the assignment must be based on an inter-institutional agreement between the sending and receiving institution (based on a valid Bilateral Agreement).

Staff members with special needs may apply for a specific grant after they had been selected for a mobility period.


  • To promote exchange of good practices, experience and knowledge on institutional management;
  • To build on capacity of university staff, develop their skills and learn from intercultural experience;
  • To promote exchange of working methods for a better working processes and effectiveness;
  • To enhance the cooperation between higher education institutions and maximize the impact of joint cooperation projects;
  • To enrich the higher education institution curricula by acquiring intercultural added value;
  • To accelerate the level of participation of institutions in joint projects and actions through mobility.

Who can benefit?

The assignments may be carried out by the EMUNI staff.

Validity of calll

This open call for staff mobility is valid for the period of the project lifetime, i. e. from 1 February 2016 to 31 May 2017.

Duration of mobility

  • Staff can go abroad for 5 working days. Multiple mobility periods are possible if granted by the project.
  • Duration of 5 working days is strongly recommended to provide a meaningful contribution to the working environment and international life at the host institution.

Prior arrangements

  • The staff training programme must be agreed through the training agreement in advance by both parties (i. e. sending and receiving institution).
  • All legal, administrative and financial issues must be agreed on beforehand through a Bilateral Agreement.

Grant management

The grant shall be intended to cover subsistence and travel costs and shall be always managed by the applicant higher education institution (i. e. EMUNI).

Who can apply?

Interested employees and affiliates (part time or associates) of EMUNI can apply for staff mobility.

How to apply?

  • The interested staff members should send a written request (by e-mail) to the Office for Sponsored Programmes, containing a motivation letter (with emphasis on objectives and expected results) and proposed training programme.
  • Staff is required to apply for mobility at least 1 month before the mobility is to take place.

Selection criteria

Selection process will be conducted by the Education Department, while the final decision will be made by the President of EMUNI.