Since its establishment in 2008, the Euro-Mediterranean University, one of the priority projects of the Union for the Mediterranean, has become an international institution, which gathers expert knowledge and experience of the Euro-Mediterranean countries and thus contributes in a significant way to the creation of a unified, integrated Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area. 
University to a large extent conducts its operation at its seat in Piran, where the spatial conditions for some of its activities are fulfilled.
EMUNI University can implement the study activity of all study areas, classified in accordance with the international classification Isced (Unesco, 1997). EMUNI University organizes the implementation of study programmes, which are accredited at the partner universities in Slovenia and other member countries of the EMUNI University. The University conducts research activities at all scientific fields of research, classified in accordance with the international classification Frascati (Unesco, 2002).


The international Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI University), headquartered in Slovenia will significantly contribute to the development of Higher-Education and Research Area and to sustainable development of wider social-economic and cultural environment in the EUROMED countries and to the recognisability of Slovenia in the region - Union for the Mediterranean.


The EMUNI University is an international association of universities with headquarters in Slovenia. It represents one of the six projects of the Union of the Mediterranean, approved in the frame of a common declaration, adopted in Paris on 13 July 2009.  Within the mission of the EMUNI University, the following goals shall be achieved:

  • Raising quality of higher education through the implementation of study and research programmes;
  • Becoming an international university, which will acknowledge cultural diversity;
  • Establishing university environment, which will have a stimulating effect on integration of different nations and cultures in the academic spheres;
  • Ensuring administrative, operational and material infrastructure, which will enable the operation of the university.

The goal of the EMUNI University is to create specialised study programmes among the Euro-Mediterranean universities. The study programmes will cover themes and areas, which are significant for the Euro-Mediterranean Area. The study programmes or parts of them will be implemented at the EMUNI University as well as other universities, co-founders of the EMUNI University.
One of the main activities of the EMUNI University is also research, which is one of the important factors of development, success and quality of the University.
The basic mission of the University is to contribute with its activities to strengthening intercultural dialogue and to the priority goals of the Barcelona process, which is in the broader sense included also in the Union for the Mediterranean. 

Quick info

Full name of the University:
Euro-Mediterranean University
Abbreviated name:
EMUNI University
Name in English language:
Euro-Mediterranean University
Abbreviated name in English language:
EMUNI University
Name in French language:
Université Euro-Méditerranéenne
Abbreviated name in French language:
Université EMUNI
Seat of the University:
Piran, Kidričevo nabrežje 2
Registration number:
Tax number:
+386 59 25 00 50
+386 59 25 00 54
Legal act:
Statute of the Euro-Mediterranean University,
26 November 2008 (amendments of the Statute on
27 November 2010, 25 November 2011, 11 February 2015, 9 December 2016)